New Images Update

The final product may vary


Classic Prime Trailer Detail

When the trailer is opened, it turns into a giant repair bay, with a heli-pad and two opening inner side compartments, usable for storing two bonus weapons and more....You can swivel mechanic / artillery robot in all directions.


New Image Update 09/01/13

At this stage, you guys can see it's only a small part of surprises. This gun is coming with the trailer. More will come ....!
Please stay tuned with us.
Kindly take note that the final product may vary.

Protoype Images Re-posted

kindly note that these images showed are prototype. The final product may vary.


First Look @ Completed Trailer Prototype Images

More images will be coming soon! Please stay tuned with us.


Frist Look At Classic OP’s Roller Prototype Images!!

Work is in progress! Please stay tune with us BTS.TOY for more information!

Classic Prime Trailer presented by BTS.TOY

A Prime without a trailer is just….what's in your mind? Isn't it Incomplete? Classic Prime trailer proudly presented by BTS.TOY


Ironhide & Ratchet Set of Custom Heads

A custom product by Best Toys The perfect accompaniment to your Ironhide & Ratchet! These G1-like heads attach to your Encore, Reissue, or G1 Ironhide & Ratchet to bring them to life. Order today by themselves, add on an Encore Ironhide/Ratchet, or take advantage of our summer sale and add on a reduced priced set (boxes as-is) of Encore Ironhide/Ratchet!

Product Features:
Ironhide & Ratchet Custom Heads Display Packaging
Note: This is an early fan made project by Best Toys. Not own by BTS.TOY .

Welcome to BTS.TOY

Hello, we are BTS.TOY, the custom kit brand for Transformers toys.