Guns For Bumblebee & Sideswipe or Sunstreaker

Finished Guns for Bumblebee & Sideswipe...any Deluxe class is suit!


  1. Ah I see they are upscaled guns based on the Spychanger/ Gobots of Bumblebee and Sideswipe. rather than being based on the G1 Sideswipe rifle or the Gun Bumblebee had on the TV show ?

    Pity that it Makes Sideswipe's gun slightly less useful for Red Alert when the time comes for the Henkei Red Alert toy to be released - that may need a new gun too.


    That style of pistol really remindes me of Special team hand guns too.

    Good fun though.


  2. Sweet! So, uh, you guys have any plans to sell the guns in small packages of a dozen for a nominal price? Speaking for myself, I would probably buy 2-3 packs of those alone!

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